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I have reformed this website PHP site as it has been exploited, I'm switching to PHP to avoid having to spend hours removing weird code or trying to clear out unwanted code, which is a pity because WP works quite well.

I will post updates as I get them, we no longer have our minetest server as hardly anyone was using it.
Anything under this line is Archived for now, please ignore it as I will be replacing the word count with updates.
updated 29th Dec 2022
Update 1 on Sunday 27.02.2022 at 03.00am Archived removed.



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Dance, Music, Fitness & Entertainment I cover.
Also covered is Security, Martial Arts & other stuff I feel is connected to our web project.

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Please feel free to view our 2024 visitor stats.

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My main b259 website which houses several over sub-sites and megapages, created in 2022 as part of the Web-Dance-Project & part of Bognor259-dot-com website and projects 2007 till 2017 now being used as Bognor Regis Entertainment site, etc.